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The Dermatology Health Network is committed to presenting visitors with information about some of today's most serious and common skin problems. Some skin conditions, such as psoriasis, are more cosmetic in nature; others, such as skin cancer, can have serious health consequences. Regardless of whether a skin condition is life threatening, all skin problems are easier to control when detected and treated early.

Our goal is to give you the knowledge you need to be aware of whether you may have a skin health problem. We want to help you understand the causes of various skin conditions, as well as the warning signs to help you spot the onset of a potentially harmful skin rash.

Why Are Skin Problems Serious?

Most people think of skin problems and they think of hives, acne or other visual skin blemishes that can leave someone feeling embarrassed about appearance. Granted, there's something to be said for the psychological trauma endured by people with serious skin conditions such as psoriasis, but there are other reasons why skin problems should be taken seriously.

For example, while hives may be unsightly, the presence of hives is often the result of having an allergic reaction to something. Knowing that you're having an allergic reaction -- and knowing what triggered your body's response -- can help you minimize health problems later on in life.

A sunburn may also be unsightly, as can peeling skin in the wake of a sunburn, but how about the threat of getting skin cancer from spending too much time outdoors without sun block? Knowing the symptoms and causes of skin cancer can protect you from potentially life-threatening problems down the road.

Even when skin conditions have primarily cosmetic consequences -- such as rosacea or psoriasis -- understanding the depression and stress these conditions can add to a person's life is important. If someone you know is suddenly having to cope with these skin conditions, then you can benefit from knowing what these people are going through and how to best relate to them.

When to Seek Help

How long should a person wait before seeking help for a skin problem? Everyone gets a rash at some point or another, but many of us will never have a skin condition that's so severe that we need immediate medical attention. Still, if you have a prolonged rash that is not getting better on its own, then you should visit your doctor to learn what you can do to recover your healthy skin. Most skin rashes are not dangerous to your health, but some rashes may leave permanent scarring or skin blemishes unless you receive the correct course of treatment.

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